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Gleistein ropes for arborists: Safety and performance

Gleistein Arborist: ready-to-climb ropes with professional splices

Nodusfactory-Industry offers a wide range of Gleistein ropes specially designed for arborists, guaranteeing optimum safety and performance when climbing up and down trees.

Key features:

  • Professional splices made by experts for enhanced reliability and durability.
  • Wide choice of diameters to suit all needs and morphologies.
  • Robust, abrasion-resistant strings for long-lasting use in the most demanding environments.
  • Water- and mildew-repellent treatment for optimum protection against the elements.
  • Optimum comfort of use thanks to a flexible, easy-to-handle sheath.

Abseiling and ascending ropes:

  • Static ropes for ascent and descent.
  • Dynamic ropes for climbing and shock absorption in the event of a fall.
  • Versatilesemi-static ropes for mixed use.

Nodusfactory-Industry: more than a brand, a trusted partner for high-performance arborist ropes.

Ready to climb

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