Textile anchor fuse | Textile-Fuse®

The Textile-Fuse® makes it possible to ensure the link between two elements and, in the event of exceeding the limits authorised or declared by the user or the "Man of the Art" installer, to reduce the tensions on the structure to which it is attached.

"Safety device for anchors and ropes" Patented FR2105794

Mode 1 :

For illuminations, the service limit breaking is calculated at 3 x the ultimate limit tension.

Mode 2 :

Concerns "Street Sky", shade veil, etc. The breaking tension is greater than the ultimate limit service.

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Textile-fuse® is a safety fuse for "anchor and wire" assemblies.

Operating principle :

The first state is called "working voltage".

  • Under load, the textile fuse is intact, as it is below the service limit voltage.

The second state, called "service limit voltage" TLS

  • The textile fuse opens when the given load has been exceeded, releasing the voltage when it is too high and indicating to the user that the calibrated and authorized working load limit has been exceeded.

The third state is the "ultimate limit voltage" (TLR).

  • The textile fuse breaks when the given load exceeds the ultimate limit tension, releasing all tension and indicating to the user that the calibrated and authorized load on the fixed anchor "platinum" has been exceeded.

The use of textile fuses should not replace the rules of the art and the usual know-how of craftsmen, as zero risk does not exist.

Data sheet

100% Polyester webbing PES® rope

  • pre-stretched, sizing ¬ Black
  • HDPE polyopheline overjacket

Textile-fuse® Nodusfactory™ load fuses are manufactured in France in our workshops.

"Safety device for anchors and ropes Patented FR2105794

Product Details


  • Avoid damage and disruption to structures by exceeding the integrity stress limit
  • Protect people and property in "anchor and fill" systems
  • Passive safety - load-bearing capacity of shading systems through flagging
  • Category 1 reparability at Nodus Factory