Cable & aerial cableway maintenance

The ski lifts in the resorts operate every day of the year, transporting skiers, hikers and mountain huts to the snow-covered slopes.

Throughout the year, safety checks are carried out on each lift by a trained and qualified driver before it opens to customers.

Once a year, usually at the end of the winter season, the lifts are inspected in greater detail; both the line and each tower are inspected, and the bolts, bridges, safety components and rollers are checked one by one.

Every 15 years, a "major inspection" is carried out: the clamps are removed and dismantled in their entirety and, in addition to the usual operations, non-destructive tests of the parts are carried out.

Inspection, adjustment, maintenance and replacement operations are carried out by qualified personnel in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions.

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Cable & aerial cableway maintenance

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Dyneema® Shackle for Rope Lifting | MS® Cable-lift

Dyneema® Shackle for cable lifting | MS® Cable-lift

Ms® Cable-lift, is a Dyneema® lifting shackle, specially designed for lifting wire ropes, chairlifts, cable cars, railway cables, etc. etc. Advantageously replaces moving head shackles for unwiring ski lift pylons and for carrying out maintenance on their equipment. Textile shackles will be used for the interface at the ends of the lifting device: Fixed Point → Lifting Device  Cable → Lifting Device Complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

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Wingman - Harken

Wingman - Harken

The Harken Wingman uses new design and technology to get the most out of a compact personal mechanical advantage system. This pulley is designed to be used in a fall prevention system. Wingman combines a ratchet pulley to stop the cable with a composite handle or wing that the operator can open and close under load for a well modulated release. Materials: Aluminum / Stainless Steel / Composite

Heavy-duty opening pulley |Freehook® HK

Heavy-duty opening pulley |Freehook® HK

Friction opening pulleys for hauling or occasional returns. Allows control and return of ropes even under tension Allows the pulley to be positioned anywhere along the rope  Ideal for quickly creating a hoist for crevasse rescues Gear reduction with a pulley reduces the weight of the fallen person by half, so that a strong partner can pull the victim up on their own. Complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC Materials: Dyneema® /  Aluminum 

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Friction ring Freering®

Friction ring | Freering®

Low Freering® rings are made from an alloy of high-strength and high-deformation materials, and can be used effectively as a replacement for pulleys. The circular, wide groove design and large central "eye" opening optimise the descent of loads with minimum friction from the retaining rope. MACHINERY DIRECTIVE 2006/42/EC

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Textile Cable for Industry and Forestry  Dy-tech®

Textile Cable for Industry and Forestry | Dytech®

The Dytech® rope is a textile cable intended for industrial or extreme use such as forestry, its design by a blend of two high-performance fibers allows it to provide excellent resistance to friction and heat.         Bi-material Dyneema® and Technora® cables « A rope originally designed by Nodus Factory for military applications, for use on furlers and winches. » Accessories: endless sling, textile shackle, Freering, Freenub, Freehook, etc. Option: Splicing can be done in our workshops This product should not be used beyond its limits or in any situation other than that for which it is intended.

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Endless round sling in Dyneema®| Slings-loop®

Endless round sling in Dyneema®| Slings-loop®

Sling-loop® Bi-material Dyneema sk 99 reference D/D is a static endless round sling for industrial or extreme use, such as forestry. Its design combines two high-performance fibres with a polymerising induction, giving it excellent strength and low elongation. This product must not be used beyond its limits or in any situation other than that for which it is intended. Very high abrasion and cut resistance (no need for protective sleeves) Complies with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC  Materials: Core in Dyneema® SK 99 / protective sheath in Dyneema® SK 78.

Price From €56.30